Reinventing the Art of Jewelry

We have been producing titanium jewelry for more than a decade, and despite its challenging physical characteristics we found that this material offers great opportunities to express creativity, particularly in regards to color variety and fashion-forward design.

Light as air, stronger than iron

Weighing only a quarter of the same volume of gold, the lightness of titanium makes it ideal for the creation and wearability of larger pieces of jewelry such as chandelier earrings. However, the lightness of this metal does not compromise its hardness and using titanium in jewelry represents a gage of durability.

Vibrant Jewels

In addition to its hardness properties, titanium can acquire hues ranging from purple to several shades of blue, and from light bronze to straw-colored shade after anodization. This process of coloring titanium surfaces produces striking jewelry and enhances the natural beauty of set stones.